Simplify in order to amplify high-quality elements, technique and functionality is the fundament of our cuisine and who we are. Believing in a future that is plant-based yet balanced, an 80/20 belief sums up our outlook and relation to guilty pleasures.



Essence Cuisine has been featured by a number of publications including the likes of Wallpaper*, The Times, We Heart and more.




Matthew Kenney (b.1964) is the world’s leading plant-based chef, the writer of several best-selling cookbooks, a culinary educator, and an entrepreneur specialising in the plant-based lifestyle.


Having grown up on the coast of Maine (USA) and being an avid outdoorsman, Kenney’s success lies within his innate understanding of seasonal and local ingredients, his classical training and extensive travel background. As a raw food chef, Kenney’s application of contemporary methods and techniques along with a firm commitment to innovative recipes and food aesthetics is leading plant-based cuisine to the mainstream.

In 2009, Kenney founded the world’s first classically structured raw food culinary academy. Matthew Kenney Academy has graduated students from over 30 countries. Along with operating his namesake academy and restaurant brand, Kenney is involved in raw food chef and plant-based projects around the world, and travels extensively to forward his mission to show others that food can be delicious and vibrant, while still healthful. 


Since 2016 Matthew and his team were closely involved in every aspect of the preparation of his first European venture, Essence Cuisine, now open in London since the summer of 2017.


Andreas Bozarth Fornell is a Stockholm-based architect with a background in designing intriguing interiors around the world for high-profile fashion brands like Acne, Sandro and numerous others.

 Fornell is enthralled with the idea of art and ambiance. Keen on experimenting with the innate properties of materials to create concepts that are relevant and riveting.

When approached to design Essence Cuisine’s space, Andreas felt an immediate connection between his personal idea regarding food and the challenge to design a space that only talks about the core and doesn’t have any “extras”. The aluminum walls and dropped ceiling create a clean canvas with a focus on the food, emphasized by the “catwalk effect” created by the two benches, stretched along the narrow space. 

The main challenge and therefore objective of this project was to create a balanced hybrid between functionality and aesthetics.



Bart Roman is a Belgium-UK based entrepreneur who earned his stripes in the Belgian nightlife scene.

At the moment he heads up 4 leading music festivals in Belgium. He founded Essence Cuisine in 2014. It was the first contemporary, plant-based, pop-up in Ghent - Belgium, which received raving reviews from food critics as well as the public. The seed was planted but it took him another 3 years to finalise the perfect combination in food, architecture, team and business partner (Wim Van der Borght) to the concept that Essence Cuisine is now. The biggest change he made from the original concept came shortly after his first visit to the Hippocrates Health Institute in West-Palm Beach in 2014, where he truly experienced the impact plant-based nutrition can have on one's personal well-being. 

The same year he visited MAKE, the restaurant owned by Matthew Kenney in Santa-Monica, where he met with the chef himself after being blown away by the menu. They soon became friends and started working on a new food concept in Europe - and that’s how it all started. 

 Bart has global ambitions for Essence Cuisine. “Everybody is talking about healthy lifestyle but what is "healthy" really ? It is different for everybody but Essence Cuisine will guide you in this search and help you in the 80/20 lifestyle principle"



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